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About Us

About Vaccie Sneezing Guard in
Delhi NCR

Welcome to Best Vaccie Sneezing Guard in Delhi NCR

Vaccie Sneezing guard in Delhi, NCR is a self-motivated and aspiring bunch of people. We are continuously working on a solution named “Sneeze Guard” that has emerged as a panacea and used as an effective tool worldwide to defeat the notorious virus Corona. When the whole human beings were taken aback from Corona and locked themselves inside their homes, by and by, some smart ideas also emerged to be future protective. Especially, when there are very few chances of a successful vaccination and corona free world, protection is the precondition for survival. Everyone is looking for security as permanent lockdown can never be a reality.

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our digital and physical presence

Vaccie Sneezing guard in Delhi, NCR is a rising company in the country for sneeze guards that is a well-known international model widely used and accepted. We are headquartered in Delhi from where we operate all across the whole country. We are currently expanding our physical presence through offices in neighboring cities like Chandigarh, Agra, Jaipur, Alwar, etc. Branches will be open in various parts of the country shortly. 

our relevance in your life

Vaccie Sneezing guard in Delhi, NCR Sneeze Shields are such that can be placed anywhere, We are transparent, easy to use and maintain, convenient, customized. Their presence gives mental relaxation to all employees, customers, and visitors of the firm in terms of security. The product is very relevant to any organization, school, corporate, factory, and industry.

Sneeze guard helps to give employees a tension-free environment so that they work with complete comfort and can concentrate on their work. Also, their families are protected and they feel safe. 

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our product is our strength

Vaccie Sneezing guard in Delhi, NCR‘s product is its strength. We are very particular about its quality. Vaccie Sneezing guard in Delhi, NCR is a new venture in this very new kind of industry that is born out of pandemic. We are very proud of the stature we got in such a small duration due to our product quality, specifications, unique features, and its relevance. We are providing our sneeze guard at very economical prices that make it worth for the buyers.


We guarantee that the quality of our sneeze guards is the best available in the market. The material and ingredients used in the product are of the highest standards, safe and eco-friendly.


Designing of our sneeze guard is of superior class and very elegant and user- friendly. It gives your office a classic look and does not create any obstruction in working. 


We are determined to deliver our orders before or at the time. Any order we receive is delivered timely and safely. We value punctuality and understand the urgency.


Our motto is our commitment to provide the best possible production and delivery of sneeze guard at the most economical prices. We are very committed to safeguard our society and provide it with a protective layer against the deadly virus.


If any work is done with honesty, it yields the best result. Honesty is our principle that is the reason we sell our product as we are the consumers. We work with determination and commitment to make our world a better and safe place to stay in.

We provide flexibility & customization

Vaccie Sneezing guard in Delhi, NCR very well understands that different places, shops, premises, and offices have different and specific requirements. They need sneeze guards of different sizes and sometimes perhaps different shapes and designs. Although we have a wide range of products still if customers need different specifications Vaccie Sneezing guard in Delhi, NCR can happily provide that at a reasonable price.

economical cost

At Vaccie Sneezing guard in Delhi, NCR’s products are available at a very competitive price in the market. We believe  In customer satisfaction for price and quality both. Our range for sneeze guard starts at very economical prices.  As the prices change as per the customization and specification. They vary model to model too but we make sure that prices are highly competitive and suitable. Our price range starts from 1400/-

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