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Sneeze Guards

Your Prevention is in your hands...

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Why choose our Sneeze Guards?

We have a team who is fighting for your protection in this pandemic and we provide the best in class product to our customers. We give high quality finished Sneeze Guards which are customized as per your needs and requirements. We give the best customer friendly services as well as we provide with quick delivery in Delhi NCR. Our clients are always satisfied from the product delivered to them as well as we build trust in them for our brand.

The material we use are crystal clear which eliminates any visual barriers. It still becomes an essential barrier between you and your employees and clients. 

Cost Effective:

Our Vaccie Sneeze Guard are designed with minimalism in mind for easy installation, manufacturing and cost. In larger offices and restaurants this small investment can be significant.  

Speedy Installation:

As one of our most popular items, we will deliver our guards according to your requirements and you can install it anywhere and anytime. It is portable and can be shifted from one place to another anytime. 

Our Products

These common protective sneeze guards sizes are suitable for many different counters, desks and other places. 

Sneeze Guards
Stay Safe with Vaccie.
Sneeze Guards price starting from only 1400/-
Sneeze Guards
Sneeze Guards
Sneeze Guards
Sneeze Guards
Sneeze Guards

Hanging Guard


Designed specially for receptions for protection purpose as well as for beautification. It is for those people who have come out for work at their work places.  

This product can be placed according to your needs and can be customized accordingly.

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